[SOLD OUT] The Heart of a Comet (Write Bloody, 2014)

from Pages Matam

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No one understands the heart of a comet: one so cold who is destined to fall, and always burn for doing so”

The Heart of a Comet is a collection of poems and short stories offering the tale of Comet, who fell from the sky. On his quest to return home, he has many encounters that become a series of revelations to teach him the true meaning of purpose - of what truly lies in the heart of a Comet.

Published by - Write Bloody Publishing

Praise for The Heart of a Comet:

"f young people are the ships moving poetry to the next shore, then Pages Matam is a mast. Provocative,Salient and Soaring, A poet worth knowing. Get your ticket and get on board!"

-Sonya Renee Taylor,
Performance Poet & Founder of The Body is Not An Apology

"The Heart of a Comet is well named, for the poems burn hot on the page. They burn with rage at the injustices of this world and they burn with love for all the ways we can resist. “Your name is not a surrender,” Pages Matam tells us, and he means all of us – the broken, the excluded, the fatherless – all of us who feel too often like “Karma’s favorite crash test dummy.” Fathers are at the heart of the book, aching in their absence and gorgeous in their flawed but deeply committed presence. Pages Matam is one of a growing number of poets who are redefining Black masculinity for the 21st century. The Heart of a Comet is a stunning manifesto of this essential new movement."

- Sarah Browning
director of Split This Rock, and author of Whiskey in the Garden of Eden

"In The Heart Of A Comet, we find a boy on a grand adventure. In the writing of Pages Matam, we discover a man capable of being a grand adventure for us to discover. Pages has taken the dandelion mentioned in his poetry and prose, examined every miniscule part of the plant (which is us), exposed us for all our beauty and then blown us into a million fragments, scattering us on the common wind of humanity. Reading Pages work will tear you apart, then put you back together, leaving you better than you were before. His words are as fragile as anvils made of feathers. Their intent is heavy with the possibility of flight."

-Ed Mabrey,
2 time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion and Wordsmith Press Author

Sold Out


Pages Matam Washington, D.C.

Pages Matam is a multidimensional creative writing and performance artist from D.C., by way of Cameroon, Africa.
His art is silly, yet visceral and beautifully honest in its storytelling.

Write Bloody Author. Award Winning Slam Poet. Educator. Activist. Playwright.
Host. Event Organizer.

Gummy Bear Elitist. Bow-tie Enthusiast, Anime Fanatic
Professional Hugger. Trill-lingual proud Da
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